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Monday, 25 January 2010

Families of dead soldiers call for private meeting with Tony Blair

In other news, the families of soldiers killed in Iraq are hoping to get an audience with his holiness Tony Blair.


Notable, but whether they will be successful is another thing.
Tony Blair is a slippery character, (and who could be surprised as he trained as a lawyer.) No doubt he will try and find some way to weasel out of it and avoid them like the coward that he is. And if by some miracle he did confront them then I can imagine he will remain as ignorant as he always is.

Good luck to the families though.
May justice be done!

70 year gag put on vital evidence on the Dr Kelly

The klaxons are ringing on my conspiracy alarm!!!

Ok so I don't really have a "conspiracy alarm" as such, and if I did have one it wouldn't really go off very frequently. Whenever someone claims there is a conspiracy or cover up I scoff and scorn and all too often label them as members of the tin foil hat wearing society.

However this time I think something really does stink, because clearly there is information that is not only vital for a family who are still looking for answers, but the public too.

Since the Chilcot inquiry is in full swing and all sorts of questions are being asked it is no surprise that there are some who wish to suppress the truth. As they said in the "The X Files" the truth is out there, but getting to it is hardly ever a straight path.

Obviously at some point the inquiry and whoever was investigating and trying to put the pieces together got terribly close because now it seems Lord Hutton who chaired the first inquiry has put on a gag on medical records which include a postmortem on Dr David Kelly.

How long for you ask? was it for a decade, two decades, three perhaps? Nope, seven, I say again seven decades. I imagine they chose seven decades in the hope that whoever is asking the tough questions now will be dead in seventy years (with a bit of luck) and in seventy years there won't be anyone to ask tough questions.

Well hopefully I will still be around in seventy years time, (although I will be in my early nineties) and I will hope to live to see the day that justice is done. No doubt by the time a decision is made all those who were responsible will be long dead and will have lived a comfortable retirement. Some might have even tried to gain immunity through some elaborate deal.

I would very much like to see Lord Hutton in the spot light explaining his actions,and grilled (preferably by Jeremy Paxman) to no end.

Of course I imagine when that happens it won't be front page as the front page story will be "Hell Freezes Over!"




Sunday, 3 January 2010

And in other news....

Here are yet more snippets of news I have picked up on lately: 1: Escaped convict uses facebook to taunt police:


What a cheeky sod!

2. Kraft increases it's bid to buy Cadburys:


Can't they get the hint?
No means no.
I hope they fail in their attempts to buy this great chocolate institution

3. Somali Pirates seize yet another British freighter.


Super, another ship, another ransom demand.

And lastly, found this little gem of a picture:

I would be furious if some git did that to my car

Ciao for now!!

Swastika's in a hotel


Now I know it's "The Sun" but work with me here.
Apparently Sebastian Wocker's jaw dropped when he saw this:

Now when you see that, do you immediately think of swastika's like this?

Because I surely don't. I just see a pattern on glass.What a big fuss over nothing.

It's good to hear the hotel haven't commented yet, they should just ignore him. What a complete idiot.