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Friday, 27 August 2010

MP's Bully Expenses Staff

Have they no shame?
Since it broke the expenses scandal has forever changed how people look and view MP's. Some have tried to make amends by either paying back or not doing it any more, or by finding other ways to look as honest and respectful as possible.
So it probably doesn't help when they call up the people who deal with expenses and deliver a tirade of abuse just because the rules and regulations have gotten tighter now the public know about them being sneaky and stealing from the tax payer.

In this news article from "The Express"


It is explained how staff were called "monkeys" and were swore at and shouted at.


"He was said to have reduced one intern to tears though he later returned with a box of chocolates."

The people who did this are bullies who are throwing their toys out of the pram because they couldn't get their way. And the reason they couldn't get their way is because them and other politicians fiddled expenses to their own means to allow them to claim as much as possible on expenses so they didn't have to use any of their own money.

It's their own fault, and their own doing. And now they have the audacity to blame others.

Any MP found to be verbally abusing staff like that should have their expenses barred for a certain amount of time, perhaps six months.

No person deserves to be talked to like that. It's despicable behaviour. Anyone who acts that way should be ashamed of themselves and action should be taken against them.




Celebrity idiocy

Yet again we have a case of more money than sense.
It is a common thing these days for a person or persons to buy a house and then knock it down only to build another house in it's place to the acute customised liking of the land owner. It is always a shame when that house is relatively old and in it's place the people plan to build something shamelessly ugly.

So once again we have the case of someone who has more money than sense, except it's not one of these so called celebs it's Rowan Atkinson. Yes the star of Blackadder and Mr Bean plans to knock down a house that has been standing since the 1930's to make way for a futuristic house which frankly looks hideous.

Rowan Atkinson's house now:

It is a 1930's mansion in the village of Ipsden for £2,647,500 back in 2006. Neighbours thought they might restore it. Well how wrong they were. In fact the local council have just approved his application to knock it down and rebuild a house looking like this:

Good gawd Blackadder!

Frankly that is awful. Just how someone can replace a nice old beautiful house like that with modern nonsense I don't know.

Like I said, more money than sense.