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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Angie Jackson Live-Tweets Her Abortion on Twitter


"But Jackson, who said she's always spoken about controversial topics online -- she is a self-professed atheist who says she grew up in a fundamentalist cult and survived sexual abuse -- never expected her abortion tweets to garner such attention.

"I don't feel like I'm doing anything different from what I do every day," said Jackson. "But now I have people calling me a killer; it's surreal."

So despite the fact she publicly admitted to having a procedure that is still very much in debate, very much a hot topic, and very much controversial especially in America, where there are still a lot of people who feel very strongly about it one way or another, she thinks it's surreal and is surprised that some people are reacting the way they are?

Either she is a fool, misguided, or just very stupid. What was she expecting, a round of applause?

I am still very much on the fence about abortion and I think I will be still for some time, however as I said there are many who are not and who actively express their feelings especially in America. If you openly admit on somewhere very public like Twitter how can you not expect some backlash and critique?

In some way's she just brought it on herself.
That may sound harsh and unfair, however the reality of it is that she could have kept this quiet and to herself but she chose not to.

Sacre bleu!

HSBC boss Michael Geoghegan gives £4m bonus to charity


"MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN, the chief executive of HSBC, has turned down the chance to become Britain’s best-paid bank boss by handing a multi-million-pound bonus to charity.

He is in line for a payout of close to £4m after HSBC’s strong performance. This week it is expected to report annual profits of £10 billion.

Rather than give up the bonus, Geoghegan plans to pass it on to a number of children’s charities. The move follows public protests over payments to Britain’s bank bosses.

Stephen Hester, the chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, gave up his right to a £1.6m bonus last week in an effort to appease public anger.

Eric Daniels, the chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, was offered a £2.25m bonus by his board — but also chose to turn it down.

Hester and Daniels were deemed to have earned the payments in spite of huge losses racked up by their banks.

Peter Sands, the chief executive of Standard Chartered, is believed to be getting a bonus of more than £1m. It appears that the former McKinsey consultant, who helped to mastermind the RBS and Lloyds bailouts, plans to accept the payout. Standard Chartered, which specialises in Africa and Asia, has few UK operations.

Geoghegan’s decision comes after a long wrangle with shareholders over pay."

Well isn't that nice of them, however I can't help but think that this was one of those "jump before their pushed" moments. With all the public outrage lately at bonuses and fiddling with expenses by bankers as well as MP's.

Maybe they wanted to try and show some redemption or maybe they were just trying to win back some support however minimal it might be.

The skeptical side of me says that although each of these people may be giving substantial amounts to charity they still not only accept their high salary but then might believe it is acceptable to receive a similiar bonus later and accept it, after all they donated their last one to charity right?

This was a nice gesture but such an action will either be a one time only occurrence or a rarity.

U.S. Shocked Andorra Not In Africa

Shock horror!!!

You can't make this up, watch this:


Another great video from 'The Onion.'

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Falklands row

Here is my input on the Falklands row and Argentina's claim to the Falklands.

First read this link



"The continental shelf of a coastal State comprises the seabed and subsoil of the submarine areas that extend beyond its territorial sea throughout the natural prolongation of its land territory to the outer edge of the continental margin, or to a distance of 200 nautical miles[/B] from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured where the outer edge of the continental margin does not extend up to that distance"

It is worth noting, at this juncture, that the point of the Falkland Islands closest to Argentina lies some 300 miles (480 kilometres) from its coastline. "


"Article 77, points one and four address the rights of Britain to drill for oil more closely:

"The coastal State exercises over the continental shelf sovereign rights for the purpose of exploring it and exploiting its natural resources... The natural resources referred to in this Part consist of the mineral and other non-living resources of the seabed and subsoil together with living organisms belonging to sedentary species, that is to say, organisms which, at the harvestable stage, either are immobile on or under the seabed or are unable to move except in constant physical contact with the seabed or the subsoil"

Article 81 continues:

"The coastal State shall have the exclusive right to authorize and regulate drilling on the continental shelf for all purposes"

This indicates Britain is well within it's rights.

I would like to point out that the mere geographical position of an island or group of islands does not mean that the mainland country nearest has more claim than another country.

Otherwise the French would be able to claim the Channel Islands.

I would also like to point out that at first when Argentina owned the Falklands it was whilst they were still under Spanish rule. They continued to hold it for a little while after their independence until the British regained control.

It is said it was discovered by John Strong, captain of the Welfare, in January 1690.
That along with the fact that technically Argentina didn't run it at first, Spain did using Argentina as their puppets, I doesn't see how Argentina can justify their claim to these islands.

Whilst it's true that international law might not officially acknowledge British sovereignty, Argentina does not have a credible claim to the islands.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another blogging related picture

Bedfordshire lagoon murder victim 'tortured for cash'

These days it takes a lot to shock people, to make them stop and reflect with horror on a situation.

One such incident was the Baby P incident where an innocent child was ruthlessly beaten, tortured, and then murdered.
Another example before that is the murder of Jamie Bulger, the toddler who was abducted by two boys no more than eleven years old, tortured and then murdered.

And now we have another example.

Last May the body of 27 year old Michael Gilbert was found. It was severely dismembered and an autopsy showed that before his gruesome death the victim had suffered years of abuse.


This is harrowing to even consider and come to terms with. The idea of being forced to sleep chained to a radiator is disturbing. As is the thought that to even consider escape would lead to more severe beatings and abuse.

To die and succumb to death is one thing, but to do so in a slow and painful manner at the hands of people who have no mercy or remorse is perhaps even more terrifying.

The Accused:

- The Watts brothers of Chertsey close, Luton are accused of murder.

- Their father Antonio Watt is accused familial homicide and perverting the course of justice.

- Their mother, Jennifer Smith-Dennis, is charged with familial homicide and two counts of perverting the course of justice.

- Nichola Roberts, 21, of Burfold Close, Luton, the girlfriend of the accused men's brother, Richard Watt, is charged with murder, familial homicide and perverting the course of justice.

- Natasha Oldfield, 29, of Chertsey Close, who is the girlfriend of James Watt, faces the same charges as Ms Roberts.

Of course all of these people are innocent until proven guilty and I will not be one to caste blame, however that is six people in the docks accused of this man's gruesome murder. That's six people who conspired to send this man to his death in the most inhumane way.

I sincerly hope for the sake of Mr Gilbert that the guilty person, or people, are brought to justice and given what can only be a life sentence and nothing less.

Rest in peace Mr Gilbert.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Gordon Brown and the "bullygate" scandal.


Basically an anti-Bullying helpline said some people who worked for Gordon Brown had contacted them and now a huge furor has begun.

And the head of the anti-bullying line has come under a lot of critisism and some patrons and leading supporters of the anti-bullying campaign have pulled out.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8531377.stm]Publicity leech Christine Pratt, chief executive of the National Bullying Helpline

Then Phil Woolas, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, Immigration minister and all round idiot and hypocrite wades into the topic by critisizing Christine Pratt:


Pot calling the kettle black if ever I heard it.

And then Taiwan's "Apple Daily" heard and just couldn't resist. Already they made a great computer generated video concerning the Tiger Wood's saga (or affair if you will) and they have struck gold once again.


I must say this is all rather entertaining.

And of course it goes without saying that that Tories are rubbing their hands in glee at this because it is yet more ammunition for them to sling in the direction of New Labour.

All this on accusations. It hasn't even been proven yet.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Round up of stories:

Burkah wearing teacher gets owned


This woman contradicts herself, and then refuses to acknowledge that. She is insistent on wearing the veil and yet did not wear it during her job interview and refuses to answer any questions surrounding her job interview.

Oh sure, because that doesn't look suspicious.

Newborn lamb is a blackbelt!

This is the story of a lamb that was born with it's fleece white as usual except for a stripe of black that runs around it's body vertically.

Therefore it's been named Miyagi after the karate master from the "karate kid" films.


Thieving MP's refuse to pay back money

This is the news that there are some members of parliament who are ignoring the deadline which has been given to pay back money owed due to the ongoing expenses scandal.

Some have failed to reply to letters from the auditor.

Read the full story here:


And here:


What can I say? Not only are they truly thieving scum, but they have no shame or repentance.

Truly, I hope their luck fast runs out.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I have my first follower!

I am happy to announce that I have my first follower! (in a non stalkerish way...I hope.)

I am flattered and I hope to have more in the near future.

Oxford student: 'I didn't mean 'Kill the Jews'

OK so now my bullshit alarm is ringing like crazy.

Israeli minister Danny Ayalon was visiting St Edmund’s Hall, a college in the city of Oxford.
Several eye witnesses have Noor Rashid down as saying (or rather shouting) “Itbah Al-Yahud” which is an Arabic phrase meaning “Slaughter the Jews”.

However Mr Rashid then replied that he had been misheard and instead had shouted “Khaybar ya Yahod” however that really isn't much better because “Khaybar ya Yahod” is:

"a classic Arabic battle cry referring to a seventh-century attack by Mohammed on the Jewish community in Khaybar where the Jews were conquered and made to pay half of their income to the Muslim population. "

According to this article: http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/27084/oxford-student-i-didnt-mean-kill-jews

So he wasn't trying to say "slaughter the Jews" but he was giving a battle cry used when conquering the Jews and somehow that's not quite as bad? Hmmmm.

It's hardly better, but I guess by changing it to something only slightly less subtle perhaps he hopes to come across as just someone who is anti-Semitic and not a potential terrorist.

Nevertheless the phrase that he suggested he said isn't that much better or indeed subtle.

I am not sure I have much more to say on this. It pretty much speaks for itself.
A police investigation is continuing, I hope they drag him over the coals. (Not literally. Actually come back to me on that one.)

P.S The Israeli Minister involved wishes to press charges.



I say good!