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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Round up of stories:

Burkah wearing teacher gets owned


This woman contradicts herself, and then refuses to acknowledge that. She is insistent on wearing the veil and yet did not wear it during her job interview and refuses to answer any questions surrounding her job interview.

Oh sure, because that doesn't look suspicious.

Newborn lamb is a blackbelt!

This is the story of a lamb that was born with it's fleece white as usual except for a stripe of black that runs around it's body vertically.

Therefore it's been named Miyagi after the karate master from the "karate kid" films.


Thieving MP's refuse to pay back money

This is the news that there are some members of parliament who are ignoring the deadline which has been given to pay back money owed due to the ongoing expenses scandal.

Some have failed to reply to letters from the auditor.

Read the full story here:


And here:


What can I say? Not only are they truly thieving scum, but they have no shame or repentance.

Truly, I hope their luck fast runs out.

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