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Monday, 17 May 2010

Celtic nationalists of Cornwall reject England flag

No matter what part of England or the UK you are from, we are still the same country. Despite each county and each part of the UK having it's own traditions and heritage, we all still belong to the United Kingdom and if you are within the specific borders then you are part of England.

Not so according to the Celtic nationalists of Cornwall who seem to consider the St. Georges flag of England "foreign."



This quote from the second linked article stands out to me the most:

But Michael Chappell of the Celtic League said he had received ‘many complaints about the oncoming flood of St George flags’.

He added: ‘This is a foreign flag here and can be quite insulting to some.

‘If Cornwall had its own sports teams I am sure we would see more of our own flags [pictured] rather than foreign English ones,’ said Mr Chappell, adding he hoped England would ‘fall by the wayside early in the competition’.

To me this is absurd. Cornwall is part of the UK. Despite it's Celtic roots. Denying this is absurd. they don't have their own country (as much as they would like one I'm sure) so perhaps they should learn to live with it without being offended by such trivial things.

I am not sure why but this does annoy me.
I think it's because even having the stones to suggest such a thing is insanely stupid.

1 comment:

AdamS said...

I actually like this. I think it's good for them to have some kind of identity in this multi-diversity-tolerance-blah blah world.

Maybe I could get Durham, Yorkshire and Northumberland to develop their own, Viking Nation? Haha.

Still, we are all British. I like the Cornish, though. They could be like Scotland and Wales if that's what they want.