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Monday, 14 May 2012

Who says The Simpsons is past it's prime?

I know quite a few people who think "The Simpsons" is past it's prime and that it's no longer entertaining or decent. However I disagree. I generally enjoy the newer series, especially after watching one of the episodes from the latest season yesterday evening.
 The episode is called "How I Wet Your Mother" and it's from Season 23. In it Homer starts to wet the bed for reasons that are unclear. At first he thinks it's guilt after getting his work friends into trouble but even after an apologetic BBQ he still does it, so Professor Frink sends the rest of the Simpsons into Homers mind and dreams to try and find the problem.

They go into Homers dream, and end up falling off a cliff whilst skiing alongside death, however death escapes by pulling a chute so they go into another dream and another until they reach Homer's fantasy land that is full of beer, doughnuts and other luxuries that he enjoys. There they are confronted by death again but the mask is pulled and it's actually Homers mother who takes them to an empty theatre lined with statues of Homer (since this is in his mind) and plays a flashback from Homers childhood that was the cause of his bed wetting.

 In the beginning of the episode you see Homer and Bart fishing, this triggered a recollection in Homers mind about when he went Fishing with his dad. He caused the boat to tip over and Homer and his dad went back to his mother empty handed, furthering difficulties between Abe and Homers mother. Homers guilt resided inside his mind since then. But Mona (Homers mother) wasn't angry because she was just glad Abe brought Homer back safe, saying she knew Homer was "in safe hands."
 With this said the theatre starts to collapse, and Mona's parting words are "The three of us will always be together, in your memory."

With that Homer and his family say goodbye and escape to their previous dream and then the dream before that until they are back in reality, and when Homer wakes up he realises he hasn't wet himself.

It's a powerful episode that has to be watched rather than explained. The music fits the suspense of the premise and backs up the excellent story line that delves into Homers past and shows that once upon a time he had two parents that cared about him dearly.
  I really have to take my hat off to the creators of the show, it's pretty exceptional.

I watched it online on a site that probably isn't legal so I won't link it, but if you look in the right places you'll find a good place to watch episodes of "The Simpsons." If you do I really recommend you watch this episode.

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