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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nigerian barbarians crucify cat to protest film

There's an unconfirmed story that some folks in Nigeria crucified a cat in protest of this now infamous film that supposedly insults the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. I say it's unconfirmed because so far when I've searched I've found the story in blogs and other sources that aren't mainstream media.

The story can be found at the following places:



As you can see, hardly reliable sources.
 The same has been reported in Malta:


If true this is obviously sickening and I hope that each of the perpetrators for each instance whatever the time and whatever animal are hit by a train or a fast moving truck. These people are the animals. This is no way to protest, it's not logical or humane or intelligent. This is why religion in general and indeed certain religions retain certain reputations.
 Of course it's harder to control those sort of reactions and emotions when such things happen in parts of the world that are less developed. It's no secret that the less developed the country the more raw and extreme the religion or chosen faith is. Nevertheless, this is sickening. 


Anonymous said...

it happened in ghana Google it its not hard Stop repeating blood libels

Anonymous said...

http://news.naij.com/9057.html http://africanspotlight.com/2012/09/the-truth-about-the-cat-on-the-cross-picture-implicating-nigerian-muslims/ http://thisafrica.com/the-truth-about-the-cat-on-the-cross-picture-implicating-nigerian-muslims-2/ http://catdefender.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/cats-on-cross-crucifixions-in-ghana-and.html

Mr. Mcgranor said...

'If they kill it; they got to eat it'.