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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Greyhound trainer held over mass cruelty

It's a sad fact of life these days that you don't have to look far to find shocking stories in the news, especially when it is on the subject of cruelty, whether it be cruelty to babies, children, or even animals.

So it is with great shock and disgust that I saw in the news a racing dog breeder in Florida is facing charges for the deaths of at least two dozen dogs.
Ronald Williams is under investigation for cruelty to and for the deaths of perhaps as many as thirty dogs.

Williams is (thankfully) in jail at the moment and is facing a $54,000 bond.

Here are a few quotes:

According to the emergency suspension order, the pari-mutuel wagering division launched an investigation into Williams shortly after he delivered eight underweight dogs with sores to Greyhound Pets of America’s Emerald Coast (GPAEC) chapter on Oct. 25. Four days later, investigators entered Williams’ kennel at Ebro and discovered 21 dead greyhounds that had “suffered from extreme neglect.” Several of the animals were housed two per cage.

The five surviving dogs were rescued from the same kennel. Three of the survivors and one of the dead dogs had duct tape tightly wrapped around their necks, according to the order.

And another rather more chilling quote:

Five more carcasses were discovered in the freezer of the Building 7 kennels, and one more was found in the freezer of Building 5, where Williams also kept kennels.

Investigators also found six large plastic garbage bags that contained remains of an unknown number of animals. Investigators reported the rotting parts could not be safely inspected.

It's all rather disturbing, that a man could to this to an animal which is entrusted into his care and which relies on him for safe keeping and good company. It is truly disgusting

I have to say though, rather it happened over in the USA rather than here in the UK because I do sometimes feel they take justice more seriously in the USA especially when it comes to animal cruelty. Here in the UK there are some abhorrent crimes against animals and yet the person(s) involved get away with a fine and a pathetic excuse for a criminal sentence.

Hopefully over there in the United States their laws on animal cruelty are more defined and hopefully if found guilty/found to be guilty, they will go to prison for a long time.

It is the least that can be done for the animals that suffered and were killed, not least all the ones that may have been hurt and killed that we don't yet know about.

It astounds and disgusts me that as of yet the punishment for animal cruelty is not as strong as it perhaps should be.

Anyway, I will keep you updated on the latest with this when I hear it.

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