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Monday, 28 February 2011

League Cup Final heartbreak

Being an Arsenal supporter perhaps my next entry should be one explaining what can only be described as extreme disappointment to say the least at the performance of Arsenal Football Club in the League Cup final today against Birmingham City.
My beloved Arsenal football club had the chance to win but they squandered every chance, furthermore with only a few minutes left of normal time to play a complete lack of communication between a defender and the goal keeper meant that the ball was put right in front of a Birmingham City forward in what can almost be described as an open goal scenario.
Had that happened in the first few moments of extra time I would have been worried but not greatly as that would have meant that Arsenal still would have had almost half an hour to equalise. Still, Birmingham City played well at times and the man of the match is, I have to admit, their goal Ben Foster who made countless saves, without which Arsenal could have been two perhaps three or more goals ahead.

I suppose I must once again rely on and remain hopeful that Arsenal succeed in the bigger trophies, although invariably the competition is tougher and the stakes are higher. One can only hope that Arsenal will really pull up their socks and finally break the dry spell which has left them without silverware for over five years.

One can only hope…

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