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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Recruitment Game

Due to the recession many cuts have been made. There have been many cuts and ultimately many sacrifices have had to be made. It isn't just the financial sector which has become more difficult, the recruitment game has also become harder.
Before the recession and the financial troubles really kicked in recruitment and job hunting was sometimes troubling and difficult depending on what role you were looking for and of course what qualifications and experience you had. Unfortunately because of the recession the job hunting game has become much tougher, the competition has been raised.
The recession and financial woes have made many employers tighten their belts meaning there are fewer jobs whilst there are still many more unemployed. This has meant that there are invariably more people applying for the same jobs.
Usually the best candidates are shortlisted because of their qualifications, experience, and no doubt because of their CV and how they present themselves.
So does this mean that people who don't have as many qualifications or perhaps none at all will miss out more times than not? Does this mean that people with less experience will be less able to get a job? If so how are people ever expected to get a job?
It seems that even the most qualified people during this recession are finding it hard to find work, that is unless you know a person or are able to get employment another way. Is the government really doing enough to get people of all ages into training courses and education, to make them qualified enough to be able to get the job they desire and achieve the life they truly desire?

The next question after that is are people doing enough for themselves too? It is up to the individual to keep themselves motivated to learn and always be progressing. One problem we seem to have in this society we live in at the moment is we often rely too much on other people. Institutionalised laziness has become the norm.

That aside, I still have to wonder if the fortunate people who already have qualifications and experience are the currently the luckiest. Are they the ones who are being favoured for jobs and where does this leave those who have less experience and qualifications? What really can be done? What really must be done whilst we weather the storm that is the recession?

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