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Monday, 28 March 2011

MPAC and the Boycott

Whilst on my lunch break at work today I started idly browsing YouTube and somehow I came across a series of video's in which young Muslims (some or all of whom are of Palestinian origin) go into a supermarket and look for certain foods and certain products where the only available types are from Israel. These include such items as dates.
The organisation is called MPACUK, which is the "Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK." Their point is that by buying these items, people are fuelling the Israeli economy and therefore they are inadvertently supporting and funding the Israeli Defence force which commits a series of actions against Palestinians and Muslims which we often hear about in the news.

Here is the first video:

Now granted that woman shouldn't have reacted the way she did, it didn't help at all but she could have just been having a long day or a tough day, frustrated by many things. If this is true then this certainly didn't help. The last thing you want is further drama to hold you up and cause you further grief and something like this is certainly likely to provoke.

Now here are two more video's of a similar nature:

Ok so I hope you have had a chance to watch all three of those videos, now here is my opinion on this.
These people are obviously trying to make a point. They want to get the message across that people should boycott Israeli products because they believe that by buying products like dates it is fueling the Israeli economy and therefore their military actions which are often considered controversial.

They are most certainly going about this the wrong way. If they really wanted to make a point and make it heard and really bash some heads over this then they would go to the head office. They would make an amateur documentary about it where they actually try and get in contact with someone in the marketing department from those supermarkets and confronted them about it because that's where campaigning and media meets.
What they should not be doing is going into random supermarkets and stirring trouble in this way. By taking all the dates and other products from Israel off the shelves and taking them to the supermarket, to then say "oh look they are all from Israel, we don't want these" and to then just walk out doesn't do anything except inconvenience the little people who work at that branch who have no control over this whatsoever.
In at least one of those video's you see a manager being called, the manager of the store but even the branch manager wouldn't have much say over this. The most that the branch manager could do is report the incident and the objection of MPACUK to the head office but I am pretty sure that because the people from MPACUK decided to go down that route all they will get is a rather standard non-cooperative response from the head office.

What good does it do to target random branches of a supermarket? It does nothing. All it does is inconvenience the people who work there, and like you can see in the first video it inconvenience the other customers who if they are like me just want to get on and buy what they want and leave because unlike the people in that video from MPACUK, some people actually have lives and things to do. Not all of us can afford to spend time strolling into supermarkets to cause havoc and provocation in the most nonsensical fashion.

AND THEN.....then they have the audacity to claim it as a victory when they get outside. They get outside and they are smiling and congratulating themselves as if they have actually achieved something good and as if they have made their point so clearly. Also they seem to be under the distinct impression that they might have changed people's minds and maybe planted the seeds of thought on this matter into people's minds. Well I used to work in a supermarket myself and there were now and again wacky people who came in. None this wacky but still wacky, and I can guarantee you that after a few days those incidents were all but forgotten.
I'm pretty sure the people inside those stores whether they be employee's or customers had more important things to worry about so they probably forgot that incident within a few days, a week at most.

If you have read my post from a few days ago you might see I mentioned Keith Olbermann who was up until recently a political commentator on the American news channel MSNBC. He had a segment on his show called "Worst persons in the world" in which he would nominate three people because of things they had done and/or said.

Well once again if I were to have a similar segment I would nominate MPACUK, specifically the four or so people in those videos. Not because theirs was not a just cause, but because they did it in entirely the wrong fashion and in doing so they inconvenienced many people. They also made complete fools of themselves.

"You've just been MPAC'ed," what a farce.






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Anastasia said...

Just saying - it isn't just Muslims who do this, but a variety of BDS supporters.