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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Violence in London

Today saw another demonstration, another protest. This was a massive protest, well organised with a huge variety of people protesting against the budget cuts. They claim amongst other things that the cuts were too deep and too soon.
This may be true and I don't disagree, however this is besides the point. As usual there were people who caused trouble, who acted violently and who created considerable damage.

There was violence at the prestigious Ritz hotel:

More window smashing and vandalism at banks:

And so on and so forth. These are people who are anarchists. They may have a cause but they ultimately use any protest, any excuse to turn up and cause damage. Destroy windows and get into fights with the police. These people are troublesome and the are also bad for the normal people who just want to protest peacefully and get their point across.
They are cowards who get joy and satisfaction from damage which solves nothing and proves no point except that they are despicable. These people, these anarchists are no better than your usual every day yobs who cause vandalism.

If you want to read the full article where there are more pictures then click on the link below:


The people who caused this damage should not only be prosecuted but they should also be made to foot the bill for all of the damage collectively made on that day.

No doubt about it.

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