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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Naked in New York

Artists do some crazy things these days in the name of art or expressing themselves, and Erica Simone is no different. Originally from Paris she had her photo taken whilst she was nude and out and about.

Wasn't she cold?
Anyway this is my second favourite one!

Apparently that one was the "most challenging one." I can't imagine why. At least she crossed her legs. I can't begin to imagine what was going on in the head of the people sitting opposite. Perhaps one of the thoughts was "I'm getting off at the next stop and going to the bathroom."

But my favourite out of all of them was this one:

Aside from the fact that she has a "tramp stamp." I have to say I used to work in a shop for over three years and if someone like that came in I would think all of my Christmases had came at once.
Of course I don't like it just for the obvious reason, I think it's quite a good shot. And by that I mean it's a good picture.
That is my reason...honest! That is my reason and I'm sticking with it!

Anyway if you want to read the full article you can find it here:



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