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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Boycott of common sense

In the USA there is a man called Keith Olbermann who hosted a TV show for many years until recently called "Countdown." It was a review and and analysis of recent topical news items from political to general views on world matters.
He had a segment called "The Worst Persons in the World" in which he nominated three people for said award because of something they had said and/or done. Usually it was something highly insensitive or controversial.

Since the program no longer exists these awards do no exist, which is a shame because if they did I think the winner would be without a doubt Geoff Boycott. The former cricketer and commentator made some very insensitive remarks about England cricketer Mike Yardy who went home earlier this week from the World Cup because of his struggle with depression. Geoff Boycotts response?

"‘I’m very surprised but he must have been reading my comments about his bowling,’ he said. ‘That must have upset him because it’s obviously too much for him at this level."
Not only are these words insensitive but they are not helpful, and they show a distinct lack of understanding too.
It is obvious that Geoff Boycott should be without a doubt reprimanded so that next perhaps he will think before making comments like this again. Preferably it would be better if he just kept his old fashioned nonsocial views to himself.

Geoff Boycott the insensitive ass receives the Some Corner of the World honorary "Worsts person in the world" award.

Congratulations to him.





1 comment:

Lee said...

'Not only are these words insensitive but they are not helpful...'

Why do they need to be helpful? He's not a therapist.