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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Off with their heads!

So here we have two stories. One is good, more than good in fact, the other is just another example of daft logic, although I don't think the people involved have much logic or common sense.

First the bad:

Council workers went around a park beheading snowmen because apparently it was "bad for the grass."

"Dog walkers on the Homefield Recreation Ground in Chiswick were aghast when they saw workmen smash down and saw the heads off snowmen earlier this week.
When passers-by complained, the men claimed that they were protecting the grass"
 Of course some people were annoyed because they had put a lot of effort into building the snowmen with their kids and quite frankly in this sort of weather the grass is bound to take a beating. It goes without saying that the parks should be maintained to a standard but to be so over zealous that you have to resort to decapitating snowmen, you really are trying a little too hard.
  Plus I would really like to see a logical explanation for this.

"A spokesman said: “It would appear that some contractors employed to look after parks can occasionally get a bit carried away with their snow clearing duties. However it is certainly not the policy of local government to persecute snowmen.”
 Those poor persecuted snowmen, someone call Shami Chakrabarti!!!

Anyway, needless to say it was an absurd and pointless decision, clearly a great over reaction and whoever make the decision to cut off the heads is a killjoy, amongst other things.



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