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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

US Republican goes against the grain

In the US at the moment the competition for the Republican candidates is getting more competitive. Some candidates have already fallen by the wayside whilst others have steamed ahead.
  From almost the very beginning there have been two candidates who I have adamantly dismissed and hoped to fail. Those two were Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Why? Because of their almost militant stance against gay marriage.
  Opposing it personally is one thing, but when you are in a position of power and influence you really have to ask, just how much should you impose your own views on the general public through influence and legislation? Especially when such views involve discrimination and frankly a rather backward view.
  Rick Santorum is against gay marriage because he believes marriage is for a man and a woman. His views on gay marriage may or may not be founded on Christian beliefs, I'm unsure.
  Michele Bachmann's beliefs definitely are founded on Christian beliefs. Not only does she oppose it but both she and her husband see it almost as some sort of illness that can be cured, which is why Mr Bachman has held "Straight camps."
     Call me narrow minded if you like (although that would be ironic) but if I oppose those two people simply because of their opposition to gay marriage and their opinions on homosexuality, then I think that would be justified.
  Opinions like that are backward and dangerous, not to mention counter-productive so it was refreshing to see a republican speaking out in favour of gay marriage.
   Watch this:

Her name is Maureen Walsh and she is a Republican State Representative in the Washington House of Representatives. She represents the 16th District of Walla Walla, Washington. As of 2012, she is serving her third term.
  Needless to say, she is completely in the right. Frankly there is little logical reason to oppose gay marriage at this point. There is little to no evidence that it would effect society negatively or effect the institution of marriage as we know it.
  It won't wreck marriage, that is nonsense. Do you know what is wrecking straight marriage? Straight people. Because of infidelity, drugs, alcohol, you name it, it's happened.
  The only thing that will happen if gay marriage is legalised is that two people who happen to be of the same sex and who love each other very much will be able to marry. And all the arguments against it frankly are nonsense because I haven't heard one argument that legitimately states one downside that would be exclusive to a gay married couple and that would never happen in a straight marriage. If you can think of one, please do say.
  Oh and if you oppose gay marriage or homosexuality for religious reasons, then maybe you need to pull your head out of your own arse and try joining the 21st Century, and certainly don't try and impose your backwards views on other people.

 I'm 100% for the legalisation of gay marriage and if you're not then you'd better have a good reason otherwise just it happen.



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