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Friday, 13 April 2012

Poignant UNICEF advert

I just came across this advertisement from UNICEF:

The writing at the bottom reads:

  "Bad water kills more children than war."

Then below it asks people to support the "One drop of water" project.
 This might have come out ages ago but I hadn't seen it until today, and I thought I'd blog it in case any else who might come across my blog hadn't seen it yet.

I haven't really got a great deal more to say on this. It's a good advert, puts the point across very well. Lets hope it works.


Lee said...

A very powerful image and message; maybe the writing on the poster needs to be larger though.

TC said...

I agree. I had a look and whilst I found plenty of results when I google searched for this I couldn't really find one where the writing was clear and larger.